Sarah Fulton Group mission statement.

At The Sarah Fulton Group, our mission is to create a safe environment for aspiring and professional artists of theatre, film and television by offering a forum to explore and develop their craft, provide education and opportunity to the industry and community, and directly engage in the promotion of the Arts, nationally and internationally.



"The Man in the Maze", the Great Seal of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian community is an ancient pattern. The pattern has been used for untold years and represents the MAZE, or house of "Se-eh-ha". The legend of the "Man in the Maze" depicts experiences and choices we make in our journey through life, illustrating the search for balance — physical, social, mental and spiritual. In the middle of the maze are found a person's dreams and goals. Legend says when we reach the center, the sun god is there to greet us, bless us and pass us into the next world. A perfect metaphor for the artist's journey!